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FTE6000 Tunable Laser Source-TLS

The Terahertz Technologies FTE-6000 C Band Hand Held Tunable Laser Source (TLS) is manufactured in a rugged splash proof housing with a highly protective boot. Our TLS displays in wavelength, frequency or ITU channel. The Tunable Laser Source is a great match with our FTE-8000 (Optical Spectrum Analyzer) for installation, commissioning and troubleshooting of DWDM networks. The FTE-6000 offers a fast start up with minimal warm up required and provides very stable wavelength and power outputs. As with all of our advanced test equipment series, the FTE-6000 is affordable, easy to use and rugged. Ask about our kit offerings, such as the FTE-8600 Combo Kit.

Selectable Step Size Down to 50 GHz
Selectable Start & Stop Channels
Settable in Wavelength or Frequency
Settable Dwell Time
Rugged Case with Impact Resistant Boo
USB PC Interface with Remote operation Capability
Battery Operated or International Line Voltage
Simple Operation with On-Line Help Mode
Lowest Cost Hand Held Tunable Laser Source
Interchangeable Fiber Optic Connectors
Up to 88 Channels on the ITU Grid
Fast Turn-On
Ordering Information
FTE-6000C C-Band Tunable Laser Source
FTE-8600C C-Band Tuneable Laser Source with C-Band Optical Spectrum Analyzer
FTE-6000 Specifications
Frequency Range Frequency 192 - 196 THz
Wavelengths 1529-1563nm
Accuracy 1.5 GHz
Line Width 1 MHz
Side Mode Suppression Ratio 45 dB
Output Power >12 dBm
Attenuation Range 0 - 5 dB
Power Setting Resolution 0.01 dB
Power Variation over Wavelength Range ± 0.5 dB
Minimum Channel Spacing 50 GHz (0.4nm)
Fiber Type 9/125 μm (Non-PM)
Relative Intensity Noise -140 dB/Hz
Graphical Display 4" Color TFT
Power Universal 100-240 Universal, US, GB, EU, AU Mains
Battery Rechargeable NiMH / 4 Hours Operating Time
Operating Temperature -10° to 40°C
Dimensions (w/out Rubber Boot) 7.75” L x 4.5” W x 2.25” H
(197mm L x 114mm W x 57mm H)
Weight 2 lbs
Accessories Provided Universal Power Adapter w/US, UK, Continental Europe, and Australian Plugs. Interchangeable FC and SC Adapters, WindowsTM Compatible Software, USB, Manual and Rubber Boot

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