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TIA Series Comparison

The TIA-525, 527 and 952 units have BNC outputs for direct connection to your oscilloscope or digitizer. The TIA-525 and TIA-527 have selectable AC/DC coupling while the TIA-952 is AC coupled. The TIA-525 and 527 have dual power capability, with battery and external universal power supply and offer a bandwidth of DC to 125MHz while the TIA-952 has a bandwidth of 3KHz to 800MHz. The TIA-527 is a matched InGaAs system. The TIA-525 is available in a free space configuration.


The TIA-1200, 2000 and 3000 use a type K SMA female output connector. The TIA-1200 and TIA-2000 have bandwidths of DC to 12GHz and 20GHz respectively, and are DC coupled. The TIA-3000 is AC coupled with a bandwidth of 100KHz to 11GHz. Patch cords and adapters can be supplied to mate with various fiber optic connectors and systems.


Application for these units include but are not limited to:  

  • Laser alignment and tuning
  • Plasma physics measurements
  • Field Service Testing and Troubleshooting
  • General laboratory testing of optical components
  • RF over fiber
  • System characterization
  • Coherent heterodyne detection
  • Polarization-shift-keying modulation
  • Spectroscopy
  • Front-end O/E converter for test instruments
400 nm to 1700 nm wavelengths
Battery or External AC Operation
Bandwidth to 20 GHz 
Compact Size
Ordering Information
DC -125 MHz, Silicon, 400 -1000 nm O/E Converter with ST Connector
DC -125 MHz, Silicon, 400 -1000 nm O/E Converter with FC Connector
DC -125 MHz, InGaAs, 850 - 1700 nm O/E Converter with ST Connector
DC -125 MHz, InGaAs, 850 - 1700 nm O/E Converter with FC Connector
TIA-525S-FS DC -125 MHz, Silicon 400 -1000 nm Free Space O/E Converter
TIA-525I-FS DC -125 MHz, InGaAs, 850 - 1700 nm Free Space O/E Converter
DC -125 MHz, Matched InGaAs, 850 - 1700 nm O/E Converter with FC Connector
TIA-952-FC  30 Khz to 800 MHz, InGaAs, 850 - 1700 nm O/E Converter
TIA-1200-FC DC - 12 GHz, InGaAs, 900 - 1700 nm O/E Converter
TIA-2000-FC  DC - 20 GHz, InGaAs, 900 - 1700 nm O/E Converter
TIA-3000 100 KHz to 11 GHz, InGaAs, 900 - 1700 nm O/E Converter
Comparison Chart
TIA Series Comparison Chart

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