LTX-5525 Digital Fiber Optic Link


LTX-5525 Digital Fiber Optic Link

  • 16 Independent TTL/CMOS Input Channels

  • Transmits Digital Signals from 0 to 50 Mb/S on each of 16 Channels

  • Input Signals may be TTL, CMOS, or LVTTL

  • Output is LVTTL

  • 850 nm MM or 1310 nm SM Versions Available for Links up to 10 km

  • Transmits without Conducting EMI

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The LTX-5525 "Signal Transporter" Converter pair is designed to transmit 16 independent digital signals to a remote location via fiber optic cable. These products simultaneously samples all 16 input channels at 100 Ms/S, converts them to a serial format, transmits the data over a Multi-Gigabit fiber link and converts the signals back to a parallel format at the receiving end of link. 

The primary applications are those situations in which the signals of interest have a high common mode voltage with respect to the measurement equipment. These applications include plasma physics experiments, EMC test chambers, power transmission equipment, and high power laser equipment.

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