FTE-5000 Loss Test Set with ORL and Video Scope

FTE-5000 Loss Test Set with ORL and Video Scope

  • Optical Loss/ORL Tester

  • ORL Measurement Range to -55 dB

  • PM with -77 dBm Dynamic Range

  • IEC61300-3-35 Method “B” Video Scope (Probe Sold Separately)

  • Auto Test Up to Three Wavelengths

  • Automated Loss Measurements

  • Auto Wavelength Switching

  • Universal PM and LS Adapters

  • Storage for 5,000 Tests

  • Bright Color Display

  • Rechargeable NiMH Batteries

  • USB Interface

  • Free Report Software

  • On-Board Help Feature

Ordering Info

The FTE-5000 combines four functions for testing optical networks together in one unit. It brings together a -55dB ORL meter, power meter, laser source and video scope capability with IEC61300-3-35 method “B” Pass/Fail End face Grading Map (probe sold separately). 

These units are available in single, dual, triple or quad wavelength configurations and display measurements up to three wavelengths at one time. In the Autotest mode, the master unit changes wavelengths at a fixed rate and informs the slave unit of the wavelength currently being measured. Use this method to test up to three wavelengths at a time and store the loss measurements for each of the lasers fired during the test. Up to 5000 tests may be stored and recalled via the unit’s USB port. Use our CertSoft software for downloading stored data and organizing the information or use the Android Bluetooth virtual instrument application for remote operation. 

The information from an OTDR, LTS, ORL and video scope may be combined to offer a comprehensive report for all of your network testing needs. Use the modulation feature to perform fiber identification function. The power meter will identify modulated signals at 270, 1000 and 2000 Hz produced a modulate light source.

The FTE-5000 also includes a video scope (probe sold separately). Use the video scope to ensure the integrity and cleanliness of the connectors being tested.

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