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FTE-6000 Tunable Laser Source

FTE-6000 Tunable Laser Source

  • Selectable Step Size Down to 50 GHz

  • Selectable Start & Stop Channels

  • Settable in Wavelength or Frequency

  • Settable Dwell Time

  • Rugged Case with Impact Resistant Boo

  • USB PC Interface with Remote operation Capability

  • Battery Operated or International Line Voltage

  • Simple Operation with On-Line Help Mode

  • Lowest Cost Hand Held Tunable Laser Source

  • Interchangeable Fiber Optic Connectors

  • Up to 88 Channels on the ITU Grid

  • Fast Turn-On

The Terahertz Technologies FTE-6000 C Band Hand Held Tunable Laser Source (TLS) is manufactured in a rugged splash proof housing with a highly protective boot. Our TLS displays in wavelength, frequency or ITU channel. The Tunable Laser Source is a great match with our FTE-8000 (Optical Spectrum Analyzer) for installation, commissioning and troubleshooting of DWDM networks. The FTE-6000 offers a fast start up with minimal warm up required and provides very stable wavelength and power outputs. As with all of our advanced test equipment series, the FTE-6000 is affordable, easy to use and rugged. Ask about our kit offerings, such as the FTE-8600 Combo Kit.

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