VFL-280 Visual Fault Locator

VFL-280 Visual Fault Locator

  • Universal 2.5 mm Adapter

  • Modulated Mode for Easier Fault Locating

  • Standard AA Batteries

  • >100 Hour Battery Life

  • Multi-Mode and Singlemode Applications

  • Compact Size

Ordering Info

The VFL-280 Visual Fault Locator is an easy to use piece of equipment that allows the precise location of breaks or severe micro bends in a fiber or cable under test by visually checking your fiber for leaks of visible light. In the same manner leaky splices or connectors within patch panels can be located and the VFL can assist in locating breaks within the dead zone of an OTDR. Visual fault locators make fiber identification easy in multi-fiber cables. 

The VFL-280 is rugged, lightweight and sized to fit in any tool kit. It operates on 2 AA alkaline batteries and the unit has an over-rideable power saver feature that powers down the unit after 30 minutes. It is shipped with a standard 2.5mm universal adapter. The Unit is designed to be used on both Singlemode and Multimode fibers.

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