LT-880 Laser Tachometer


LT-880 Laser Tachometer

  • Remote Sensing of RPM and Angular Vibration

  • No Special Reflective Tape Required

  • Large 5 Digit LED Display

  • Sensing Rates to 40,000 PPS

  • Ni-mH Powered with Fast Charger

  • Measures RPM, RPS, PPS

  • Entry of Number of Encoder Sectors

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The LT-880 Fiber Optic Laser Tachometer is a non-contact instrument designed to measure rates of rotation by sensing the presence of absence of a reflective surface in its optical beam. These are typically provided by affixing an easily made black and white encoder to the surface of the rotating component. A TTL signal is asserted whenever a reflective surface is sensed. The output signal may be read directly from the display or used in conjunction with a spectrum analyzer to sense linear translation, RPM, and angular vibrations. A five meter fiber optic cable enables the optical sensor to be placed in hazardous environments and/or inaccessible spaces where a conventional unit cannot be used. The LT-880 adds the additional flexibility of a multi-functional readout.


Encoders may be made easily with a laser printer and any drawing or CAD program.


No reflective tape is required.

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