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Advanced fiber optic equipment
at extraordinary value


Since 1989, Terahertz Technologies has been a leading global manufacturer of fiber optic test equipment, photonic lab equipment, and analog/digital fiber optic links. Our growing team of dedicated engineers produce highly specialized fiber optics solutions tailored to our customers' test and measurement needs. TTI is a division of TREND Networks.
With the launch of Global Solutions in 2020, we are excited to offer even more cutting-edge fiber optic network installation and maintenance equipment. Global Solutions products are individually selected top-of-the-line products produced by our global partners, and are now available to rent or own at extraordinary value. 

"At Terahertz Technologies, we aim to provide world-class test and measurement designs in the industries we serve, including fiber optics and photonics technologies, and to continue with our passion for producing the highest quality equipment solutions in these industries. This is our commitment to excellence for our customers, employees, stakeholders and the communities in which we thrive."

Mike Mazzatti, Founder

Quality • Innovation • Affordability • Global Solutions

169 Clear Rd
Oriskany, NY 13424
United States

toll free: +1 888-876-8377

tel: +1 (315) 736-3642


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