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7000A DWDM OTDR: A New Generation of Fiber Optic Test Equipment

If you are looking for a lightning-fast, affordable solution to suit your dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) network fiber optic testing needs, TTI’s 7000A DWDM OTDR is for you.

Packed with essential features, this handheld, tunable OTDR contains 89 wavelengths from the C Band spectrum. It also operates as Tunable Light source with 0 to +5 dBm output. This instrument is ideal for fiber characterization in DWDM networks, wavelength provisioning, verifying reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer (ROADM) channel routing, testing through optical add-drop multiplexers (OADMs), in-service DWDM network troubleshooting, and channel/beam hand-off (CBH) antenna feeds.

Multiple Methods of Operation

Three methods of operation make the 7000A OTDRs series easy to use and versatile in functionality. Press the blue buttons on our simple keypad feature, or use your stylus to make your screen selection on the bright, 4” touchscreen display. You can also operate the devices via Bluetooth with any compatible Android device.

Don’t Know Your Fiber Length? Use Auto Test

The Auto Test feature quickly tests fiber conditions, sets the range and pulse width, and produces a trace of the fiber under test. This is ideal to use if you are unfamiliar with OTDR testing, or if the approximate length of the fiber is not known.

Eliminate User Error with Fib-R-Map Trace Analysis

The 7000A series is equipped with highly accurate Fib-R-Map analysis feature, which displays trace analysis in schematic and table views. The trace analysis screen gives users the ability to quickly review the fiber and determine if it meets measurement criteria by displaying a simple pass/fail.

Advanced CertSoft2 Software Makes File Storage and Reporting Easy

Project reporting and documentation is fast and easy with the supplied CertSoft2 reporting software. Reports can include trace graph, schematic and table analysis, loss test table, and connector image. There is onboard storage for up to ~1000 traces, and trace files are easily transferred for use with CertSoft2 via USB/ PC ports.

Additional key features include:

· Tunable CW/Pulsed Laser Source w/ 50/100GHz Spacing

· 35 dB OTDR Dynamic Range

· 12 Hour Li-ion Battery Pack

· Bidirectional Analysis

With its ease of use, rugged housing, and affordable price, the 7000A DWDM OTDR is one of the best day-to-day OTDR on the market today. For more information, visit our website.

View the 7000A DWDM Spec Sheet


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