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Faster and Farther: Advantages of Using a DWDM Network

These days, a fast cable network is more essential than ever. Statistics show that the number of internet users is growing exponentially across the globe. With over 4 BILLION internet users worldwide, its important to invest in a lightning-fast network to keep up with internet users' hunger for access to digital content on demand.

Video content, in particular, is among the most heavily consumed, and data heavy, content today. Netflix, for example, uses approximately 1 GB of data per hour for SD video, and 3GB for HD video. TV networks are also riding the wave of online video streaming. Network providers who host these video applications require a significant amount of bandwidth to be able to transfer all of this media data to users.

Sending data across the world seems easy and instantaneous- and it is- thanks to the shift to Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) networks.

DWDM networks multiplex the signal to send more information down the length of the fiber, and uses less fiber than other networks to transfer high capacity data. It makes use of optical fibers to achieve higher speeds, and utilizes wavelengths to multiplex users, allowing continuous channel allocation per user.

Since an Erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EDFA) can be used to amplify all signals simultaneously, DWDM does not require an optical to electrical conversion over long distances. This increases efficiency as well as data security.


It is more cost-effective to switch to a DWDM network when expanding your network. While DWDM hardware tends to be on the pricier side compared to CWDM products (for example), expanding your network would alleviate the need to lay more costly fiber, since the fiber is utilized more efficiently in the DWDM system. Existing fiber, or dark fiber, can be used during a DWDM network expansion, saving valuable time and money.

The overall result is an increase in the effective bandwidth of your existing fiber network.

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