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Why is the FTE-8100 Mini OSA the Most Popular Instrument of 2020?

Everyone is talking about the summer's hottest optical spectrum analyzer from Terahertz Technologies Inc. This fiber optic powerhouse in a small package operates at lightning fast speed with incredible accuracy.

This summer, TTI is dropping the price of the FTE-8100 Mini OSA to its lowest yet, making it the most affordable mini OSA on the market.
FTE-8100 with Sleek New Boot Design

Features include:

  • Up to 98 channels

  • 50 or 100 GHz

  • Auto pass/fail video inspection scope

  • Pass/fail thresholds

  • Fast realtime with <1/2 second update

  • Bar graph, table display and line graph

  • Auto test mode zooms in on active channels

  • Rugged case with impact resistant boot

  • Solid State Optics - No Moving Parts

  • User setup screen

  • 4” Touchscreen Color Display

  • Stores up to 1000 tests

  • USB/PC port

  • PM and VFL options available

Rugged and Affordable

The FTE-8100-C Optical Spectrum Analyzer is one of the most rugged and affordable full featured Mini OSAs on the market. It is available in up to 98 channels in the C band with 50 and 100 GHz channel spacing. The FTE-8100-C is simple and fast to operate with its touch screen operation and twice a second scan capability. It offers high end features such as Power Tilt for DWDM channel equalization, Gain Tilt to adjust EDFA gain flatness and file based user configurations. 

Full Set of Selectable Scale Limits and Thresholds

With its one button Auto Test feature, and a full set of selectable scale limits and thresholds, the FTE-8100-C makes zeroing in on channel measurements easy. For flexibility the channel numbers are selected in wavelength or frequency. The information is displayed in graph or table mode on the 4” high brightness color touch screen display. This unit allows users to set Pass/Fail thresholds and can store up to 1000 tests that can be downloaded via the USB PC port. Documentation is fast and easy with the included Cert-Soft certification software. The onboard Help system assists new users in parameter setup and file manipulation.

View the FTE-8100 Micro OSA spec sheet here. View product page here.

With advanced quality products at unbeatable prices, there's no question why the biggest names in the industry have trusted TTI products for decades.


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