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FTE-5100 Video Inspection System

FTE-5100 Video Inspection System

  • Pass/Fail Grading System

  • 150X and 300X Representation

  • Quick Zoom Feature

  • Position Image for Best Viewing

  • Stores Connector Images

  • Use with TTI CertSoft Software Suite

  • Rugged Case with Stand

  • Shipped with Universal AC Adapter

  • Wide Range of Adapters Available

  • One Hand Operation

  • 4” Color TFT Display

  • VIS-300 is Compatible with the FTE1700, FTE700A, FTE-7500 and FTE-8000 Series Equipment

The Video Inspection System is an indispensable tool when working with fiber optic test equipment. Testing to make sure connectors on the fiber being tested are clean and not damaged will not only help ensure test results are accurate, it also helps to maintain the performance and serviceability of test equipment. If dirty or damaged connectors are attached to fiber optic test equipment you can get incorrect test results and there is also the possibility of damaging the connector on the equipment leading to time and money lost.

TTI offers the FTE-5100 Video Inspection System and has also incorporated the video inspection system into the FTE-7500 and FTE-8000 series of test equipment. With the use of the VIS-300 Video Probe the integrity of the connector to be inserted into test equipment can be checked quickly and efficiently.

The FTE-5100, 7500 and 8000 will capture and store images of connector end faces. These images then can be downloaded to a computer via USB cable or by using a USB flash drive. The CertSoft software suite allows the images to be attached to OTDR test reports.

There are a large variety of tips available for the VIS-300 video probe. The VIS-300, when purchased for use with the FTE-7500 or 8000 and the FTE-5100, is shipped with 2.5mm and 1.25mm universal tips. Tips for inspecting connectors terminated in patch panels or for inspecting the interfaces on equipment are also available.

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