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FTE-7100-1315-111 MICROTDR

FTE-7100-1315-111 MICROTDR

SKU: FTE-7100-1315-111

1310/1550nm, 34/33 dB OTDR with V-Scope, Power Meter and VFL


  • 34 dB Dynamic Range W/1.1 Meter Dead Zone
  • Video Scope Capability (Probe Sold Separately)
  • Power Meter and VFL
  • Bluetooth Android Tablet Operation
  • Fib-R-Map Event Analyzer
  • Macro Bend and Bidirectional Analysis
  • Full Auto, Construction and Expert Modes
  • Instant On, Immediate Scan
  • Live Fiber Detection
  • Onboard Memory of ~40,000 traces
  • CW / Fiber Identifier Light Source
  • CertSoft Report Software
  • Real-Time System ORL
  • Context-Sensitive Help
Price Options
One-time purchase
$795.00every month until canceled

Advanced features in a small package: The MICROTDR series is the smallest full-featured color touchscreen OTDR on the market. This unit includes all the features expected in today’s hand held OTDR and more: bright color touch screen, project management, file storage, Fib-R-Map schematic event analysis, pass/fail threshold settings and onboard context-sensitive Express Help system to keep the learning curve as short as possible.

Powerful and customizable: When equipped with the optional video scope, it is a powerful video inspection system with IEC61300-3-35 auto pass/fail capabilities. Additional optional features include a broadband power meter and visual fault locator. The MICROTDR is available in SM or MM dual/triple wavelength configuration or as a SM/MM or CWDM Quad wavelength versions.

Bluetooth compatible with Real-Time functionality: The OTDR is operated/charged with a standard 5V USB charging system, or you can use the USB cable to connect to a laptop for full real-time OTDR operation on WindowsTM. It can also be operated via Bluetooth with a compatible Android phone or tablet. 

Easy-to-use: The MICROTDR is a user-friendly touch screen unit with a bright color display and automatic screen rotation for portrait or landscape trace viewing. It operates in simple fault finder mode, construction or expert modes. 

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